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ray ban sunglasses outlet From the domestic production, although the final product process compared with the international brand, the gap is not large, but the style, technology, mold or purchased from abroad, domestic enterprises can only earn a little bit processing fees. With the rising of domestic raw materials, labor costs are also rising, low cost strategy for the survival of the Chinese glasses industry for many years, is not sustainable. The problem of backward production technology, brand concentration, lack of innovation, competitiveness is not strong, seriously restricting the healthy development of the industry and China glasses bigger and stronger.

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ray ban sunglasses cheap Lotus (Lotos) is one of the unique legal and exclusive diamond cutting and inlay technology, take a magnifying glass is also difficult to see the traces of mosaic. This is the lotus (Lotos) designers and craftsmen painstaking research for 10 years the world skills. For all the people curious about the outside world, President Stephan mysteriously called it the "magic LOTOS". Measurement of lens, polarizing microscope, measure table, Ce Guangyi and other instruments, measurement of lens material, curvature accuracy, lens transmittance. ray bans online

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ray ban australia Alain Mikli and architect Philippe Starck cooperation with human bone as a mirror leg design inspiration glasses 360 degrees of rotation is the most classic is memory. In 1999 reached a strategic cooperation relationship with famous high-end glasses chain MSE, accelerates the process of globalization. Decoration, mainly refers to the mirror, mirror box pattern, carving, embroidery and exquisite degree, including the mirror box on the poems, calligraphy and character and level, as well as the mirror box packaging art etc.. discount ray ban sunglasses

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